See this to find out with who you can rent your holiday boat

More and more owners decide to rent their boat from private individual to any size or their type. The reasons are simple: owning a boat is expensive even, if you only use it a few days a year. A site like Ocean Serenity - which regularly gives you information on this activity, makes it easy to find tenants and manage its rentals serenely

How to rent a boat ?

Make sure your boat is commendable: Ease of use, guaranteed user safety, minimum comfort and navigation equipment, up-to-date safety equipment will be non-exhaustive elements that will guide your decision and, if necessary, invite you to make improvements to your boat.

Insure your boat for private hire. It is essential that your boat be insured for rental, at least in civil liability and for retirement, even if we strongly advise you to insure it at all risks. Check with your insurance to know the cost of the premium and implement this option. If your insurance refuses to assure you for this practice, know that you then have the opportunity to change insurer. There are also insurance products that you will pay in proportion to the exact number of days your boat will be rented, but considering their cost, they are only interesting if you rent a very small number of days in the year.

Prevent port from his intentions to rent. Although ports are generally reluctant to rent a boat at the dock, they almost unanimously allow private hire. However, we advise you to notify the port staff so that they are not surprised to see strangers on your pontoon or use your boat. In the same way, in order to facilitate their work, you will be able to tell them the rental ranges of your boat for a better use of the resources.

Make yourself compliant with the specific regulations for boat rentals. While this is not mandatory for rentals of boats between individuals, we strongly recommend that you comply with these regulations, especially as it is not very binding to implement.

You set the price

You can choose what price point to set for your boat hire service in which they need to see this as a way for them to be prepared. It’s worthwhile checking what comparable size boats are chartering for in a similar region. However, you can choose to charge a premium if you wish, or lower the price on your listing to increase the attractiveness of it.

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