Is Bordeaux still safe for a lonely girl ?

Bordeaux is an amazing city, located in the south-west of France, a so called bourgeois city, well known for it's wine of course, a multicultural city bursting with history and beautiful scenary like most great French cities.

Bordeaux tourism can be one of the best tourist trips you will ever make, very appealing to all ages and for all occasions, as it could be for wine tasting, visiting vineyards, discovering a lovely french city, sight seeing or even appreciating the region of Gironde. A great experience whatever the accomodation you choose, if it's an elegant hotel room, to a tent as a backpacker, Bordeaux is a safe city. Plenty of cctv cameras and police stations and constant petrols in the city offer the feeling of security, also with a healthy flux of people all day and all night with bars and restaurants open until late hours with a friendly atmosphere that will make you feel safe and fully enjoy your trip to, and around the City. Plenty of groups of young travellers, couples enjoying a romantic getaway, elderly people visiting one of the most cultural Cities of a beautiful country and due to Bordeaux being a student city, a good amount of youths, so yes, there will be eyes just about everywhere so you can relax, feel comftable and enjoy your trip safe in the knowledge that you are in a safe city.

So go ahead enjoy the scenary, stroll around the graceful streets, enjoy amazing food and even better wine, in a group with friends, hand in hand with your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife, being a lonely girl on an adventurous trip in the city of Bordeaux, there is no worry to have, feel free and just simply enjoy it as there is so much to see and do in a City like Bordeaux.

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