Companies offer to rent a boat

Great cruises, super yachts or small leisure craft, of all lengths, large and small, find their place on the dock. The boat rental company relies on its sailing skills.

The boat rental

The commercial tasks and the management constitute the essential work of boat rental which is often a technician of yachting and boating, sometimes even mechanic or electronics. He must be able to bring a boat to a port where a customer has planned to rent it. The renter applies a charter developed by the profession which offers a guarantee and a quality of service for the customer. This charter concerns the state of the ship, its age, the price of the lease and the supply of certain equipment. The renter also ensures the regularity of the insurance contract that accompanies any rental. If you like the sea, what better than a small nautical trip? You may have some difficulty to buy or rent a boat in front of this listing on this online platform.

Conditional rental

For tenants too, the promise is seductive. Thousands of ads are available, and booking is just a few clicks away. Old tub, racing catamaran, comfortable barge, luxury yacht, everyone can find happiness on the shores and shores of France and abroad. Generally, three quarters of the requests are accepted by the owners. Under certain conditions, however: the boat license is imperative for motorboats and, for a sailboat, you will have to justify a sailing experience. Hence the interest of the skippers presented in most offers. A paid service, between 200 and 300 euros a day. For those who are only sailors in the soul, some owners rent their boat at the dock, just like a vacation home. Again, the price is the main commercial argument put forward by the start-up: the rates are posted on average from 20 to 40% cheaper than those of professional rental companies. The owners set the amounts themselves, the platforms levying a commission of 13.5 to 15% on transactions.

Renting a boat like boat rental ibiza is always the perfect option even if you are thinking about buying the boat you rented.

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