Never lose your luggage again !

During a flight, the question that constantly arises is whether you would end your luggage on arrival. A new tool can track your baggage in real time to not lose them during your holiday. This ingenious system has already saved many people either at airports or elsewhere. Are these devices really work?

How does it work?

A luggage locator or locator background in French is a wireless system allows for suitcases. The principle is to equip a package of technological device geolocation then to follow it anytime on your smartphone. The case is composed of several essential elements. A battery with a battery life of several days standby, the time to find the object in question. A mini chip card AGPS type of network or GPS is also found inside. GPS or Global Positioning System is a system of geolocation satellite, the principle of AGPS is the same, but with two to three times more accurately. As long as the battery is operational, you can know his exact position of your luggage from a smartphone, computer or any device that can connect to internet.

Where to device?

GPS plotter or AGPS is available a bit by all. If you do not know where to find a store that sells the best is to look to the canvas. There are many brands and many types. At first, all devices that can trace the baggage where else required a subscription. In addition to the price of the item, you must pay an additional fee to specialized operators where the brand itself. Other membership required a paid app to install on your smartphone. Today is different, the purchase of the product, the required application is available for free without subscription. Most brands even offer geo location by Google maps or other similar systems. So if you were going to take a trip, this does not always happen to others.

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