The shape of the spa bath

Balneotherapy is often associated with large jacuzzi bathtubs, which in fact require a spacious bathroom. However, there are rectangular models with standard dimensions (around 160 x 60cm) whose small size allows you to enjoy the benefits of a massage without the need for an XXL piece of water. Because it is first the configuration of your bathroom that determines the size and shape of the bathtub to use. Corner, long or island, round, rectangular, square or asymmetrical, there are all sizes, to enjoy alone or in pairs. But the shell must also match your morphology to perfectly fit your body and guarantee it optimal comfort. The most ergonomic models have a recessed bottom whose curves follow the shape of the human body, as well as a headrest for total relaxation. Finally, in addition to the shape of the bathtub, the material it is made of is also something to watch out for. More resistant and insulating, polyester resin and acrylic are preferred to ensure the longevity of the installation.

Additional equipment

For even more comfort and relaxation, certain accessories and options will turn your whirlpool tub into a real home spa. Control panel, orientation of the nozzles, filling cascade, or even a variety of programs, the more the device goes upmarket, the more relaxation tools will be. Some options are essential, such as a heater that will keep the water at temperature. But some models go much further and combine other techniques with balneotherapy alone to immerse you in the most perfect serenity. Thus, chromotherapy uses light to promote appeasement: diffused by LEDs, stimulating (yellow, red) or, on the contrary, relaxing (blue, green) colors illuminate the waters of your bathtub. Finally, you can enhance your bath with aromatherapy devices (diffusion of medicinal plant extracts) and music therapy (diffusion of soft music) to completely let go.

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