Make your special event more memorable

Each one has a dream how to celebrate a special occasion in his or her life. Some would like to climb the higher mountain and memorialize his birthday. However, some wish to make a simple party with soft music and just a few people. Nonetheless, nothing is more original and exceptional than an event held on a luxury yacht along five-star catering, professional crew, amazing decoration and impressive seaside. Who hasn’t dreamt to spend a trip in a yacht and to celebrate a special occasion there? Certainly, all of us wouldn’t miss this opportunity for anything. There are many ideas to make your special event very successful. Of course, on board, you need the help of the crew. If you like a great fiesta, you can have a disc jockey to entertain your guests while waiters and waitresses will serve cocktails. You can have the biggest party held on a luxury yacht by inviting celebrities.

Organizing a wedding celebration on a yacht charter

Special events in your life deserve the original celebrations. Forget about the traditional party in your home. You can combine luxury, comfort, and pleasure by chartering a yacht with Arthaud Yachting. Celebrating a wedding party in a yacht will remain perfect memories for you and your guests. Here are a few suggestions to make your marriage unforgettable.

1 - Choose your dream destination

Choosing the best destination for both of you and your partner is important. Most of the time wedding take place in the hometown of the bride but today the rules are changes and wedding celebration on a yacht charter is a trend. Ask your partner where you will celebrate your marriage. Certainly, each person has his favorite destination. When you agree on each other about your destination, start to ask more information about this place. You can celebrate your wedding in the St Tropez or Corsica France. French Riviera is popular on touristic destination and on luxury yachts. Luxury yacht rental Corsica will be a perfect idea to realize your dream. The Mediterranean Sea is bound within its varied coastline. The splendid bays along the turquoise blue water will complete your happiness.

2 - Plan your wedding party

After your agreement, you can start to plan your party. When will it start? Who will be your witness at your marriage? How many guests will attend this party? What type of catering service is right for your event? It is better if you make a list and plan your wedding celebration with your partner or your parents. After real information, you can start to find the most suitable yacht for you. You can attend the Cannes Film Festival or Monaco Grand Prix event and celebrate your marriage there. All in all, you are totally free to make your dream come true.

Corporate Event Yacht Charter

Corporate yacht charter is becoming popular with high-demand on organizing conferences, important meetings or different networking gatherings. Your meeting will be at the same time a kind of distraction. Chartering a yacht will provide the best opportunity to build serious relationships with your employees or your clients. Conference on a yacht will contribute more advantages like comfort, distraction, and benefits. Most of the luxury yachts feature a large room with communication equipment perfect for conferences. Some large yachts can host more than 140 guests. Nevertheless, you are able to choose the place of the meetings. You can do the meeting in the moonlight. All in all, a corporate yacht charter gives the best balance between entertainment and business.

Organizing surprise event for your children

It is always a fun to throw a surprise party for your loved ones. Organizing it and keeping it as a secret is the perfect part of it. Planning it in a yacht charter will be more exciting. Probably, all of us enjoy surprise birthday party in a luxury yacht. You can organize the party of your son or your daughter on a boat. Your first step is to think about what kind of surprise party you want to plan. Ask more information about your child. For example his or her hobbies and his or her personality. Then, you can start planning a theme. Ask a question like what kind of party do you want? As a matter of fact, organizing a special event on a yacht is a complicated task at all. Everything is supposed to be under your supervision when you are among the hosts. You want your party perfect and don’t want any loop holes left open. The good news is the crew will help you to accomplish your surprise party. This surprise party on a yacht can be excellent when it is well-organized. This way, you will make your son or daughter the happiest in the world and will make the best party that your guests will never forget.

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