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Special Castle experience in France

France is a country rich in historical monuments. As one of the country has preserved its cultural heritage, the history of France is narrated mostly by his story buildings. Castles are the first monuments that come to mind in this context. These royal residences recount past events not written in the archives to demonstrate through the decor and furnishings of yesteryear lifestyle.

Castles to visit

Devotees in history were spoiled for choice in visiting the castles of France. The most famous castle in France's Versailles. Former residence of King Louis XIV, XV and XVI, the house is now open to all whether for a weekend or a simple on-site visit to see the castle, its gardens and outbuildings. Located fifty kilometers of Paris, Vaux-le-Vicomte was built for Nicolas Fouquet, superintendent of finances of Louis XIV. Today, he serves as the organization of Candlelight evenings during which the house is adorned by 2000 candles. Take a ride in the Dordogne to visit the castle of Castelnaud is classified as historical monuments. Its keep and its fortifications are exceptional evidence of feudal architecture. As the largest of the Loire castles, Chambord Castle is imperative to visit to experience live the romantism of old. It is located in a huge forest park of more than 50 km2. This masterpiece of the Renaissance offers a splendid double staircase.

The rate during visits

Rates of visits castles of France are categorized by season. For a castle experience in bourgogne, some buildings have a fixed input whatever the season of the visit. The most expensive rate cap the 8 Euros in high season. This price is a suitable provision, including a guided tour or an explanation of the different places. School holiday periods are also prioritized. During this time, providers are multiplying to deliver great stories to children who come to develop their knowledge about castles and nobles who lived there.

Being a perpetual trace of the past, castles promote the history and allow to properly tell the story of the lords and subjects who lived there.

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