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What you can do with a used boat

Buying used boats for sale very often requires significant funding, and making the choice to buy used can save money when buying. But if the sum is too important, you will have to find alternative sources of funding to sail offshore. Just remember to follow the steps to finance your used boat.

Have your boat appraised

If you've found the perfect boat you've been dreaming of, do not rush, and take the time to contact the owner and try it out in real life. Do not give a deposit until you have at least the opportunity to test it. In addition, you can also request the boat's logbook, and chat with the previous owner about his sailing experience. Maybe this one will have good advices to transmit you to take full advantage of your boat. Some boats are equipped with many useful tools: GPS, radio, radar ... the former owner can also show you the operation of all these devices.

Find a home port

If you have finally made your choice, you still have to think about the home port of your boat, or where you can store it in dry dock. Many companies offer their services in this area, which will allow you to not needlessly move your new vessel. Be aware that mooring your boat in a marina is a cost that must be added to all normal maintenance costs.

Establish a budget for purchase and maintenance

Once you have in mind the purchase price and the model, you can accurately calculate the cost of financing. Usually the maintenance and upkeep of a boat represents each year about 10% of its purchase price.

So, this is the perfect opportunity for you who want to buy one cheaply, and to make a very good deal. Still have to make the right choice for the purchase of your future boat.

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