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Visit the Cap Ferret

Cap-Ferret is a village located at the tip of the peninsula of Lege-Cap-Ferret. The Arcachon Basin to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west, offer the Cap-Ferret original location. One side you can thus enjoy, landscapes of Arcachon : small villages of oyster farmers and small beaches with calm waters of the basin. And on the other, waves and immensity of the Silver Coast. At the point, where does the junction between the Arcachon basin and the Atlantic Ocean, there is, among the passes, the Banc d'Arguin and beyond, the Dune du Pilat

Visit Le Cap Ferret: what to do there absolutely

- Taste oysters facing the pool. In the small village of Canon, this is the opportunity to taste the famous Bassin d'Arcachon oysters. Enjoy a seafood platter in a beautifully decorated place, with stunning views of the pool.

- Wandering by bicycle to the lighthouse.The Arcachon Bassin is completely surrounded by cycle paths from Arcachon to the peninsula of Lege Cap Ferret. It's time to make a long bike ride along the bike paths of the peninsula and join the Cap Ferret lighthouse for a stroll around 8 km. After the ocean you through the pine forests of the peninsula. A beautiful nice breath of fresh air for this little trip.

- Climb up the lighthouse of Cap Ferret. Unable to visit Lege Cap Ferret without discovering its lighthouse and its view of the entire peninsula. A few hundred steps later, a superb panorama awaits you. Note that the lighthouse has a very friendly corner shop and not at all kitsch! There are some great ideas for little gifts.

- Discover the 44 hectares.The 44 hectares are an institution in Lege Cap Ferret. This is a piece of land shared by several owners, where typical houses are nicer to each other. A stroll on the beach is needed at this location (walking or cycling). Some take their fishing rod to catch a few fish, others take a good book for a moment of calm.

Only for you, cap ferret tourism here !

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