29 Mai 2019 à 10h52 - 1452 visites

Get in the helicopter cockpit

Offer what you love. Rediscover the landscapes of your childhood, the monuments or villages of the air region. The briefing is finished once the demonstration of the unit is completed, the training pilot will equip you. Discover : . Climb aboard the helicopter's cockpit and take off for a memorable and magical moment. The sensations of a helicopter flight will be incomparable and will allow you to escape for the duration of a trip.

First helicopter flight

A first flight in a fighter plane is exceptional in France! Simply stating this sentence is the adrenaline rush. When you board exceptional fighter aircraft, it is the machines and sensations you feel. Fighter flight begins with a presentation on essential tools, safety and manoeuvring. This is the beginning of your journey in a fighter plane for years of memories and about 30 minutes! For more information about cargo helicopter for sale, contact a professionnal Blueberryaviation.

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