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Discovering the beauties of the West Indies

A group of islands not far from Cuba and the Dominican Republic, this is where lies the Caribbean, one of the most idyllic destinations in the world. As part of the Caribbean archipelago, these islands have something to serve its tourists during their stay in the territory.

To know about the Antilles

An archipelago scattered across the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean, are spread over nearly 4,000 square kilometers in length. These islands are divided into two major parts, especially between the Greater Antilles in the center of the Caribbean archipelago, and the Lesser Antilles in the south, in addition to some islands. The Greater Antilles are formed fairly large nations in the image of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola and Jamaica. As to the Lesser Antilles, they are composed of the Windward Islands, Dominica and Trinidad and Tobago, and the Windward Islands, namely Guadeloupe and the Virgin Islands, both British, Spanish and American. However, there are also those coming from the north of the archipelago, such as Turkey and Caicos Islands, the Bahama Islands and the Cayman Islands.

Discover the archipelago Antillais

We still remember once, for stays in the Caribbean, it is recommended to all to opt for a luxury villa rental saint barths in order to enjoy the local specialties, and easily visit the neighboring islands. And that, simply because St. Barts offers the best overview of the Caribbean, we can hope, making him an excellent strategic point. Not to mention it is quite easy to find scooter rentals or yacht on site, the ideal means of transportation to explore the Caribbean islands in full. And for photography fans, the West Indies also have a wide diversity of landscape, both terrestrial and marine, to immortalize.

One can easily prepare his stay in the Caribbean from the web these days, regardless of the time of year. You just have to know which website to turn.

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