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Conditions for driving a boat

To operate a vessel with more than six horses, you must obtain a vessel licence. To acquire it, you must be admitted to a theoretical evaluation and, sometimes, to a practical examination. The exercise is not easy. Discover : . Between boaters, fishing boats, recreational equipment and merchant ships, the ocean is for everyone. To allow the free movement of maritime navigation and the safety of persons on board, the navigation code summarises the essential rules.

How to pass the coastal permit?

The coastal licence is part of this offshore licence, it is also a licence for the ocean. It is intended for sailors wishing to sail on board boats by day or by night, with a total power greater than 4.5 kW (6 hp). This so-called "coastal" permit is intended for local navigation. It allows navigation only up to a maximum of 6 miles from a refuge. The offshore licence, also called offshore expansion, is part of the coastal licence for its maritime licence. For more informations about yachts for charter, contact a professionnal. The course, with no restriction on power, no restriction on the duration of the ship and, above all, no limitation on the removal of a shelter. Obtaining it suggests having the coastal permit in advance. Its theoretical part is difficult because it involves knowing how to read maps and making an inventory of one's geographical position based on complicated calculations.

Rules at sea

A permit also implies regulations to be respected and sanctions in the event of non-compliance. The infringements committed are classified into different stages, some of which may go as far as the temporary permanent suspension of the licence. This is mainly the case for overspeed errors, severe laxity or drink-driving. Class 1 to 5 fines: They punish the failure to present their compulsory titles up to serious details such as failure to observe the capacities linked to the licence or the absence of this licence.

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