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A few reasons why Croatia is a place to sail !

The amazing Adriatic sea

Croatia is home the nicest part of the Adriatic Sea, a beautiful bay of the Mediterranean. The Adriatic is quite a shallow sea, with depths rarely reaching over 50 meters. However it’s not the depth or the size that makes Adriatic so grand, it’s the clarity. of it The water is so clear you can see the sea floor at 5, 10, even 15 meters depending on where you are.

Thousands of islands to explore

Croatia is also home to more than a 1000 islands! Yes, that's right ! 1000 islands to explore…

There are only 69 inhabited islands which shows just how untouched and natural Croatia really is. The most popular islands for sailing are the Central Dalmatian islands (Hvar, Brac, Vis, Korcula) in the south, and the amazingly beautiful Kornati archipelago just a bit more north.

The most beautiful beaches

There is a great number of beautiful beaches in Croatia, but most aren’t like the mile long sandy beaches full of people that you are used to seeing.

Croatia is home to a a lot of small pebble beaches. Some of them large and popular, like the Golden Cape located in Bol on Brac Island, while others are small and secluded like Stiniva's and Vis island. Stiniva is a majestic beach surrounded by high rocks, and crystal clear sea. Small Stiniva was awarded the best beach in Europe some time ago.

With so many beautiful beaches in Croatia, some are hidden away in secluded bays, only accessible by boat. Leave it to sailboat rental with Samboat to find the right way to see Croatia for yourself !

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