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What's needed to drive a boat?

At the helm of a yacht, you leave the port, proud in command of the ship. This feeling of freedom that you win, you owe the precious boat license. Accessible from 16 years, water allowed to navigate on inland waters or oceans and seas.

Types of license for pleasure craft

For each license to operate a pleasure boat engine, you need to validate a theoretical learning linked to the Maritime Code and a practical, essential for good behavior on the water. Depending on your goal and your desires, each maritime license offers different possibilities: sailing at sea, on rivers and canals, with or without a boat length limit with a summary of their respective scope is displayed on the site web agency.

The coastal permit

It allows to sail up to 6 miles from a shelter, with a scooter or a boat under 20 meters, making more than 6 hp. Day and night, this permit allows you to plan dream days with friends or family floating safely. Count on average 300/350 € for this permit in order to be able to hold the bar of any type of boat hire cannes that are available for you. Once the code is obtained, you have 18 months to validate the license with the practical part.

Offshore license

For those who have already passed the coastal permit, there is the offshore extension. The extension costs less than a full offshore license because you have already passed the basics of permits for the marina. You then confirm the theory test with 90 minutes for which you must have at least 10 points, with that of the card. You do not iron a practical test. If you're starting completely, you have to go through several hours of theory before practice, as for the boat license.

Very specific as this river permit offers boating to drive inland, on a boat under 20 meters or personal watercraft. You can join the rivers, canals, rivers and closed water bodies.

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