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The Great day spa with

If you are in search of wellbeing and relaxation, our spa salon Excellent Day welcomes you in an exceptionally calm and quiet with a dream setting.

Excellent Day VUOS guarantees a trip to the exotic and refinement without you having to purchase a ticket for this. Between sea and ocean, our institute you book a particular tone with our exotic wood décor, scents of the islands and a refreshing fountain.

The spa is considered a quintessential relaxation equipment. It is based on the latter we offer treatments tailored to your needs and your budget. You can choose the option that might interest you whether treatments for face, body, for fitness or just simple relaxation. Relax in a warm room with an unbending mood in the simplicity and pleasure of all the islands you want.

Give yourself a break every day

It is never possible for an active person to take a break every day and let go. Yet a simple meeting in our institute you will completely renew your body and mind by finding a perfect balance between these.

Get caught by a real relaxing massage in our spa equipment, with a session in our steam room or sauna, by us masculine, feminine, torque, etc.

The benefits of the spa

The spa market is currently booming. Simply because it provides many benefits to the body and mind. A spa session actually allows us to eliminate all the nervous tension in our body, our stress, our anxieties bring us a great feeling of well being. The spa tub is also ideal to reduce pain in muscles and joints, to promote healing of certain diseases, good blood circulation, digestion, sleep, weight loss, reunion with family, couple or between friends. Anyway, it does bring benefits in our daily lives. If one day so you decide not to do so, please come to our center to refresh and relax by choosing the program corresponding to your desires.

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